Food Truck Surprise

So I pulled into the gas station on the corner of John Rice and Old Fort and decided to see why there was always a wait at the Mexican Food Truck. I get up to the window after looking at a menu that, without pictures, would be completely useless to me and prepare to order what I believe to be a Number 4. I’m not certain that’s the way it came out so I said “just surprise me”. I also asked for a Coke. Well, no Coke here so after the lady taking my order listed the drinks I again said “just surprise me”.

I waited a good while and the lady came to the window with my order. The total was $5.45 which is a pretty good deal considering a crapburger at Hardees would cost more than that by itself. Then she asked if I wanted hot or mild sauce. Finally something I could understand! I paused a moment thinking how I like hot stuff but when I spoke my brain actually intervened and “mild” came out. I wish my brain did that more often. It may have saved me lots of trouble through the years LOL.

I thanked her and headed back to the office with my bag of grub and a styrofoam cup filled with what appeared to be watered down milk. I had a sip of this opaque liquid on the way back and it was different. It was good but different. It tasted like watered down milk with cinnamon in it and smelled a bit like this pipe tobacco my dad had in a green glass bowl when I was very young. It smelled good, sweet and pungent.

Back at my desk I pulled back the foil covering the plate and found what I believe to be 3 steak quesadillas with a side of pickled vegetables and a wedge of lime. I squeezed the lime all over the contents of the plate and popped the lid off of the mild sauce in preparation to taste this dish.

I dipped a corner of one of the pieces into the sauce and shoved it as far into the cup as I could depositing a thick layer of sauce over a good portion of the quesadilla and took a big bite. WOW! It was phenomenal. The tortilla was crispy on the outside but soft in the middle and the steak, cheese, and veggies inside were a harmonious unison of mouthwatering pleasure. Then I realized my brain did the right thing commanding me to opt for the mild sauce. It was good but hotter than I would have imagined. Nice amount of heat that lasted a while.

Though not uncomfortably hot I grabbed the cup of white liquid and the sweetness was a good combination with the heat of the sauce and the other flavors. Surprisingly good. I have been told by someone in the office that the drink is very likely rice water. Well it is pretty darned good. I ate everything on the plate and was pleasantly full but not too much.

So I would rate this entire experience as enjoyable and satisfying. The food was great and reasonable to boot! I would recommend you visit the Mexican Food Truck at the intersection of John Rice and Old Fort if you are in the Murfreesboro area!



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